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History of The Chipita Park Association and Marcroft Hall

The Chipita Park Association has had different names and purposes since inception.  In the 1940's it was the Chipita Park Homeowner's Association for the Chipita Park Company and stockholders.  In 1946 the name was changed to the Chipita Park Association.  There was a return to the name of Chipita Park Homeowners Association in 1962 and in 1993 back to Chipita Park Association. Originally a homeowners association, active in all aspects of the development of the area as well as social functions, today the Chipita Park Association is dedicated to providing social activities for the community as well as being responsible for the rental and maintenance of Marcroft Hall.

In October 1949, the Chipita Park Association signed a 20 year lease with the Chipita Park Company to use the property where the current Marcroft Hall is located for $1 per year.  

The lease required that the CPA erect a concrete floor or pavilion that could be used for square dancing and other entertainment so that it would be available for recreational use by the Chipita Park property owners. This lease was continually renewed until March of 1997 when the property ownership was gifted to The Chipita Park Association by the Chipita Park Company.  The original recreation facility built on the property was an open pavilion. In 1962 the building was completed with kitchen and restrooms. Marcroft Hall was named in honor of Frank W. Marcroft, the original developer of Ute Park, later named Chipita Park.  

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